Local Youth Services Guide

Maroondah Youth Services' Local Youth Services Guide has information on a range of services for young people and their families in the Maroondah area, listed by topic - simply click on the topic headings below to find out more information about the topic and the local services that can help.

If you can't find what you're looking for in the directory, you can contact Maroondah Youth Services for help locating the right service for you.

Further Information


    If you need some help with somewhere to stay.

    Arts Centres

    To get your creative juices flowing, check out these local arts facilities

    Community Centres

    You'll be suprised at what you can learn from the community centre in your hood. Look here for options to spark your interests.


    For someone to talk to who knows how to listen and can help you when things don't feel right, look here.

    Cyber Safety

    Check out this page for more info about using the internet.


    Look here for services that can assist you with special needs.

    Drugs & Alcohol

    Drugs and alcohol affect us all in some way or another. For more info or assistance with this issue, start here.

    Employment & Training

    If work or study is for you, these services can help.


    Families come in all different shapes and sizes. There is a range of services out there to help your family through the ups and downs of being a family.

    Food & Material Aid

    If you're stuck for a meal or essential items, there are people who can help.

    Free Internet Access

    Looking for somewhere in Maroondah to use the Internet for free? Here are some local places that offer free internet access.

    Health - Physical Health

    For a healthy mind and body, here are some good places to start.


    Information on services available for Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders


    For legal advice and support, here are some helpful options.

    Mental Health

    For a healthy mind and body, here are some good places to start.

    Migrants & Refugees

    If you're a new arrival to Australia, or want to help those that are, these people know their stuff.

    Parenting - Young Parents

    Just as being a teen is tough, so is being a parent! If you're a parent, or are about to become a parent, here's where to go.

    Same Sex Attracted and Gender Diverse

    If you don't fit into the boy meets girl mold, you're not alone. Here are some people you might want to talk to.

    Sexual Health & Family Planning

    Sexual Health is super important not just for you, but for others too. Start here for people who have the answers to your questions.

    Skate & BMX

    Skate, scoot or ride? You probably know some of these places, but maybe not others. Check out the parks in your neck of the woods.


    Got some time to spare? Check out these opportunities to support your community.


    After some great youth-related sites to check out? These websites have tons of useful info.