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Things to do these school holidays

The School Holidays are Nearly Here!

We have put together a list of activities to keep you active and entertained these school holidays.

Head over to our "School Holiday Activities" Page for what's happening. But here are some other ideas for things you can do... 

  • Check out your local skate park
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Check out what's on at the movies or have some friends around, put on a DVD, cook some popcorn and create your own personal movie experience
  • Go for a walk
  • Get your friends together for a game of basketball or football
  • Try your luck at the adventure mini golf course at Maroondah Adventure Golf, 363 Maroondah Highway
  • Read a book
  • Take a trip to the Aquarium, Scienceworks or the museum
  • Create your own 'MasterChef' challenge with friends and family...

...and the list could go on and on but we know you have plenty of your own ideas so get off the couch these school holidays and get active!


Remember to have FUN!