Maroondah Youth Safety Campaign

The Maroondah Youth Safety Campaign was developed to empower young people and educate them about personal safety.

The campaign was developed in response to an overwhelming number of Maroondah’s young people identifying safety as their biggest issue in the 2011 Maroondah Youth Consultation.

The most critical component of this campaign has been the involvement of Maroondah’s young people who have continued to be heavily involved in developing the campaign in partnership with Maroondah City Council.

The message of the Maroondah Youth Safety Campaign is


Plan Ahead:

  • Plan your transport to and from your destination
  • Tell your friends and family where you are going – keep them updated if your plans change

Stick Together:

  • Stick with other people
  • Stay in well lit, busy areas
  • Walk away from dodgy situations and take your friends with you

Know Your Limits:

  • Alcohol affects everyone differently. If you choose to drink, know your limits
  • Trust your instincts to keep safe and avoid regrets

This project has been funded as part of the Victorian Government's Community Crime Prevention Program. 

For more information please contact Youth Services on (03) 9294 5704 or email